Episode 24 - The Collyer Twins 'Select Radio' Guest Mix / by Will Smith

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The Books DJ Agency’s twenty-fourth episode! And what a banger it is! Each week we bring you a fresh new mix from a superstar female DJ. This live mix is courtesy of London based DJs the Collyer Twins.

The twenty fourth episode of The Books podcast series, a weekly mix brought to you by the most sought after female DJs from around the globe, is courtesy of The Collyer Twins.


The Books is a agency dedicated to empowering and uniting women on the forefront of culture.


"We're Jordan and Loanne, identical twin sisters that split from one miniscule, tiny, teenie egg. Though we may look similar we're different, we promise... Loanne likes scrabble and sipping on banana milkshake. Jordan likes to watch gardening shows and collect haberdashery...No we're just kidding again! We have a passion for travelling, presenting, music, fashion and eating of course...(cupcakes, percy pigs, cake yes please!)"