Episode 15 - Brittany Sky 'First Of The Month' Mix / by Will Smith

The Books DJ Agency’s fifteenth episode! Each week we bring you a fresh new mix from one of the superstar female DJs from our global collective. This live mix is courtesy of NYC based DJ Brittany Sky.

The fifteenth episode of The Books podcast series, a weekly mix brought to you by the most sought after female DJs from around the globe, is courtesy of Brittany Sky from NYC. 

The Books is a agency dedicated to empowering and uniting women on the forefront of culture.

Native New Yorker, DJ Brittany Sky has influenced thousands of people across different audiences and her reputation continues to rise exponentially across corporate and sub-cultural platforms. Brittany Sky has leveraged her mass appeal in the entertainment and music industry by partnering with cutting edge companies such as Amazon, LG, Gillette, Target, Nylon, W Hotels, Smirno , Heineken, Soul Cycle and more. As recently seen on the ‘Love Train’ tour with Cee-Lo Green, DJing at Complex Con 2016 and on the cover of New York Magazine: The Cut. 

Brittany Sky has bridged the gap between sub-culture and the mainstream while employing a natural instinct that has kept her on the forefront of music, fashion and culture. She has been regarded as a prominent staple in the DJ scene, having been featured as one of the Leaders of the New Sound during this year's VH1 Hip Hop Honors and has provided noteworthy sets and mixes for brands such as Beats By Dre, Jordan Brand, BET Network,Complex, Galore Mag, Hennessy, Oakley, Budlight, Indigo Hotel, Mass Appeal, Game 7 Marketing Group's private events and NYFW. Brittany has opened up for Top 40 artists Future, Justine Skye, Sonny Digital and the roster of the Soulec-tion label in some of New York’s most prominent night clubs, alongside the team at Hot 97 and at the iconic Madison Square Garden for The WNBA's New York Liberty.