Episode 7 - Rhyme 'We're Underground' Mix / by Will Smith

The Bks - history's first all female DJ collective - brings you a fresh new mix every week from one of our superstar DJs. This sixth episode is courtesy of Eve Speciall from LA.

The Bks is a agency dedicated to empowering and uniting women on the forefront of culture.

“Re-inventing Original” and “One to Watch” are some of the comments being thrown about Rhyme in her current home town of Sydney, Australia. Newly Signed with NYC based Manager Sam Li with plans to move to the States to further develop her sound in the S/S 2016 is looking promising as her career in music starts to take off... literally.

Daughter of Aussie Rock Legend Richard Lara (of The Screaming Jets), Rhyme’s rock n roll roots are plain to see in the music she plays and the atmosphere shecreates, headlining regularly at Middlebar, El Topo, Bucketlist & Harpoon Harrys. Not one to be pigeon holed however,
Rhyme’s DJ sets and love for music isn’t limited by genres, and she isn’t afraid to throw a few curveballs to keep a crowd on their toes.  

As a travelling model she has been exposed to and influenced by a variety of sounds, from Shanghai’s underground trap/techno to Los Angeles old school rock and hip hop scene even to Bali’s fun light Island tropical house/disco music scene. But, Not content with just listening to what was going on around her, Rhyme networked herself into securing gigs at major clubs in these cities djing at MYST (Shanghai) and STRAWHUT (Bali). Her most recent trips to NY and LA have only reinforced her global aspirations as a performer, landing a gig at LA's new funk rooftop bar EP.LP Club and signing with NYC based manager Sam Li as a HOS Artist upon her visit from meeting in China 2 years prior.