3 Fashion Photographers The Books Loves / by Will Smith

Here's 3 of our favourite fashion photographers from Mexico, London and LA.

1) Stephen Gunn

Stephen Gunn is a Scottish Fashion Photographer based in Hoxton, East London at AmazonFashion's 46,000 sq ft Studio.

Website - http://www.stephengunn.com  - Instagram - www.instagram.com/stephen.gunn


2) Charley Smith

Charley Smith is one of the most sought-after British international fashion and wedding photographers.

Website - www.charleysmithphotography.co.uk - Instagram - www.instagram.com/charley_smith_photography/


3) Corey Epstein

Corey is the Co-CEO and creative mastermind behind the luxury denim company DSTLD. So, if you're looking to fill your Instagram feed with badass babes rocking nothing but some denim and leather digs, @coreyepstein is the feed for you! He's mastered the balance between sexy and timeless, #rockerchic to the max.

Website - http://www.coreyepstein.com - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coreyepstein/